Dear Tim,
When I started helping my parents with their home in 2000, I never imagined you would be my contractor of choice for over two decades or that we would become good friends. I have come to appreciate and expect a high level of quality and craftsmanship from you, your company and those you employ. My wife and I have also had a chance to build relationships with some of
your employees over the years, especially Adam, who has done the lion’s share of work on what is now our house, after my parents passed.

Gutters, gutter guard, soffit repair, decking, siding, replacement windows, drywall, tin and bead-board ceilings, roof repair, insulation, stairs and doors are examples of some of the projects you have done for us over the years. I know that you and Adam have scratched your heads on more than one occasion when work requests were made, but the projects always
worked out in the end.

Betty and I have recommended you and your company to family and friends and will continue to do so in the future. In today’s world, when you find a contractor that you can trust and depend on, you can count yourself lucky. We thank you for what you have done for us and wish you much success in the future.